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After Hours by James J Robinson

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A5, 126 colour pages, perfect bind, gloss paper, environmentally friendly printing from Ellikon Printers. Vacuum packed.

After Hours is AEVOE director James J Robinson's attempt at taking a commercial photography medium and turning it into something political.

Exclusively using available light at night in locations around South Korea, Japan and Australia - After Hours eliminates the need for extensive lighting setups by instead using the lights that are already in front of us. Here, Robinson recycles light wasted on nothing in the late hours of the evening and turns it into something creative.

Moreover, in an attempt to dismantle white beauty standards enforced in contemporary fashion photography, Robinson exclusively casts models of colour, arguing for a more inclusive approach to casting that does not tokenise or stereotype.

"The smart guy cast legends like Raenee Sydney and Madeleine Madden, alongside cool youths from South Korea and Japan, in immersive images designed to challenge the oppressive norms that exist within the fashion industry/whole world." - Oyster Magazine

"Robinson captures South Korean and Japanese urban youth culture through a selection of disparate characters – his work was inspired by Japanese filmmakers Yasujiro Ozu and Hayao Miyazaki who are well-known for their usage of random shots from within their movies to create a poetic realism around the characters." - IDOL